BHS Evergreen District 2023 Events

Chorus/Quartet Performance Videos

Order your Quartet or Chorus performance video from 2023 EVG District Chorus Festival and Internationals Preliminary Contest, April 22 in Tacoma WA.

Each performance will be captured from a single camera position.  Audio will be from microphones in the house.  $25.00 for each performance round.

Links to your downloadable videos will be delivered by email in about 2 weeks.  Use the Contact Us link at the top of our webpage if you have any questions.


(You may only purchase your own performances.  Photography/stills are not offered for this event)




Thank you for ordering your video and/or photos from the event.  We get a lot of questions about when they will be ready, how to download them, etc.  I completely understand the excitement and anticipation.  I’ll try to answer the most frequently asked questions here.  If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Can I use PayPal or Venmo to order my videos?

Sorry, we no longer do business with PayPal or Venmo. We now use Stripe for all online transactions.

My quartet was in the finals.  Do I get that video too?

If you would like both performance videos, please select “add second round performance +$25” on the order form.  Otherwise you will receive only the first round video.

Can I get a copy of the complete event, with everyone’s performance?

Sorry, no.  BHS contest rules. Only a recording of your own performance meets “fair use” standards.

I ordered photos.  Does that include our photobooth shots? (No photo services at this event)

No.  The photos you purchased are stills from your performance, delivered electronically.  You may purchase your photobooth shots (without the commemorative template) from the email which sent you the souvenir shot.  Or email me if you no longer have that email.

How do I download my videos and photos?

When they are ready, you will receive an email with a private download link.  Please download your files no later than 90 days after the event.

When will they be ready?

For the April Preliminaries, please allow up to 2 weeks after the event for delivery. For the October Convention, please allow up to 4 weeks. We try our hardest to get them done sooner, so this is an outside date.

I get a message “[the file] exceeds the maximum file size that Google can scan. This file might harm your computer, so only download this file if you understand the risks.” What should I do?

I render the videos in full HD at a high bandwidth with studio-quality sound. This makes the files quite large, but I assure you it’s safe to download. If you still encounter problems, let me know and I’ll render it again in a more friendly file size (with slightly reduced quality).

Can I post my performance on YouTube, Facebook, etc?

Strictly speaking, the recordings are provided for your personal archival and educational use.  It’s up to you to clear the necessary copyrights for any other use, such as online sharing.  While I grant you use of the audio/video recordings, use of the songs (in an online video) need to be cleared with the composers and publishers for mechanicals, sync, performance and broadcast rights.  Check out for one possible (and simple) solution.  Otherwise, contact the publisher listed on your sheet music. You can usually find their contact info by searching for the song at

Thanks again for your order, and GREAT JOB to everyone!