AKEA Photos

Thanks for being a part of the annual AKEA Photo Shoot!

On this page you can purchase your photos.  The photographer and instructors will select your three best poses.  When they are ready (by early December) you will be emailed a link to download them, including permission to make as many prints as you want, email to your friends and family, or share on social media.

You were given a card at the sitting with numbers like “T-1407” or “M-1600” which you will enter in the form below for each sitting you wish to purchase.  If you took a group photo it will be added to your order for no additional charge with the purchase of at least one sitting.  If you did not get a card with sitting numbers, CONTACT US before you pay for your order.

Please type your email VERY CAREFULLY, as this is what will be used to email the link to your photos.

Sittings to Purchase
Enter all sitting #s to buy
Email address for delivery

If you have any questions, please use the CONTACT US link to send us an email.