Covington Voice Studio

Virtual Recital 2020

With so many activities, performances, shows and more cancelled this spring, we are excited to share our students’ hard work over the past year in a safe, contact-less setting. We have found a way for our singers to perform along with accompaniment, and put everyone’s performances together into a “virtual recital” format.

In the spirit of a live recital, you may share this performance with your family and regular circle of friends. However, you may not share this performance publicly, meaning no linking or posting on social media or other forums. Please help us remain in good standing with the copyright owners of the songs we are performing.

Just as a live recital lasts only a short time, this video will not remain available indefinitely. If you would like a copy of your recital on DVD or HD BluRay for archival and educational use, please order using the links below the video.

Please enjoy the recital, and thank you for supporting your student.

Tip! Click the “Four Arrows” icon in the lower-right corner of the frame for full-screen viewing. If your browser does not support this feature, CLICK HERE.

Order your archival/educational copy of the recital video. (Shipping included)

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