Thank you, Evergreen District Division II Choruses and Quartets!

All DVDs from the original orders have been shipped, the master files archived and the source media deleted.

The HD digital file from your chorus or quartet’s contest performance may still be availablem and can be sent to you electronically for $40.  Contact us to make arrangements.

Scroll down the page for a sample video and photos from the 2017 convention.

Video/Photo Services Order Form and Talent Release

(Due to licensing restrictions, we are unable to provide multiple quantities, videos of other groups’ contest performance, or the show DVD if you were not a participant.  See the FAQs below for details.)

Frequently Asked Questions About Event Recording Services

“I did not perform today.  Can I purchase a DVD of today’s performances?”

Due to copyright restrictions for musical compositions, we cannot legally make commercial/retail video recordings without first obtaining a “sync license” from each composer or publisher.  Our “for-hire” services are offered to the performers for their private archival and educational use.  (A copy of all contest performances will be provided to the EVG organization for archival purposes.)


“Can we purchase multiple copies of our own performance DVD to sell or give away?”

The “for-hire” services we offer are limited to recording your performance for private archival and educational use only.  To distribute or share video copies of the songs requires a special “sync license” arrangement and royalty payments to the copyright owners.  Under “fair use” principles we can provide you with a primary recording and a backup, for two copies total.


“Can each member of our chorus/quartet purchase a copy of our performance?”

Each performer in your chorus/quartet can hire our services to make a recording of their performance for private archival and educational use, using a “VIDEO/PHOTO SERVICES” order/release form, which is our way of documenting this arrangement.  Bundling multiple copies into one purchase would be a retail sale, and outside the scope of fair-use.


“Can we use the digital video recording of our performance on our website?”

Strictly speaking, unless the composition is in the public domain, this requires permission from the song’s composer, and payments to their Performance Rights Organization (PRO) for digital streaming.  This can get complicated, but start by looking up the song in the ASCAPBMI, Harry Fox and SESAC online databases to find the composer or publisher, and contacting them directly to request a “sync license.”  Some may grant permission for free or cheap, and some may flat-out refuse.  If YouTube is your content delivery network, use the “Audio Library” feature of their “Creator Studio” to search for the song.  They may already have a “Content ID Match” arrangement with the copyright owner to monetize plays of their work (or to restrict/block it, so use this tool carefully).  “Fair-use” is a legal concept, and we are not lawyers.  You should not upload performances of copyrighted works other than for analysis and educational use without permission of the work’s owner.  Here is another good article on the subject.


“Why do I need to sign a talent release?  Are you going to sell our video?”

No one should profit from use of your name and likeness without your permission.  The “talent release” is an industry best-practice which documents your consent for us to make recordings or photographs of you, and states how we might use them.  For recordings of contest performances, auditions, school/club/church photos, and other group events, we may use parts of the recordings for our portfolio or educational demonstrations, but never on their own for commercial purposes or licensed to others without your direct consent.


“Can we hire you to record our chapter/quartet for the purpose of selling the recordings?”

Absolutely!  Contact us to discuss the possibilities.  We are fully portable for studio-quality recording in your venue, and have over 30 years of experience in live and studio audio productions.  We can secure the necessary licenses for audio recordings, help negotiate sync licenses for video recordings, and facilitate product manufacturing in retail-ready packaging at wholesale rates.  Advancement of The Arts is our primary mission, so we offer greatly discounted pricing of our services to educational and non-profit organizations.


Video Samples and Stills from Barbershop Performances

This HD demo video was recorded at this year’s convention.  The stills were pulled from the raw video footage of a “4K” video camera (displayed here in reduced resolution).