Through a partnership with Spin Broadcasting Networks (SBN), we will soon offer live-streaming of concerts, recitals and contests, along with access to watch these later, on-demand.

This is accomplished through a subscription-based model, with viewers purchasing passes for live-stream events, or monthly all-access subscriptions to all content, both live shows and on-demand content. The composers and publishers are paid for performance and synchronization licenses from the subscription fees through arrangement by SBN and their PRO/Publishing partners which represent millions of songs.

“Why shouldn’t we just live stream to YouTube or Facebook for free?”

Because that’s not legal, as it does not compensate the composers and publishers for use of their work. Among other necessary permissions, to perform someone else’s song publicly requires a performance license, and to use it with video requires a synchronization license. Even if you are not profiting from it, any public use of a song without permission of the copyright owners is infringement.

We will offer multi-camera live-streaming with professional audio and on-demand access to archived performances for the following types of events…

  • School Concerts (Band/Choir/Orchestra)
  • Private Recitals
  • Music Contests and Festivals
  • Talent Shows
  • Community Choruses and Ensembles
  • More! (Contacts us)

Once we have established channels within our new network and uploaded some past content, we will open up for new subscriptions. Please watch this space!