Harmony Kings V-Chorus

Were you looking for previous Harmony Kings Virtual Chorus videos? Please visit our YouTube Channel. (Don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell to learn about new video uploads).

Are you a chorus member looking for the guide-videos and upload form for the current Harmony Kings V-Chorus project? You will find that at this link… https://SilentKnightStudio.com/FWHK

We tried to make the process as simple as possible for a wide range of technical abilities. If you need a little more help, watch this video for step-by-step guidance how to record on an Android or iOS device and upload it. (This method has been validated for three different V-chorus projects now, and solves nearly all issues).

NOTE! Video files are very large. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EMAIL THEM! If you are uploading from a phone, be sure it is connected to WiFi or your data plan may not allow the transfer of the huge file. Also set your phone to “stay awake” if it has that capability (this solves the rest of the issues, with very few exceptions).

You must complete ALL fields, and accept the talent/media release to be included in the project.