New Project, New Blog

On Tuesday of this week I got the song list from the barbershop chorus I will be recording this fall.  This will also be the first start-to-finish major project that I will record, mix and master in Presonus Studio One Pro.

On Wednesday, I downloaded a book to read on my upcoming trip to North Carolina.  I really enjoyed season 1 of “American Gods” on Starz, and from the imagery and story, thought the book might be even better.

In the forward of the 10th anniversary edition, the author mentions  starting a blog when he started writing the book, to document the process and the experience.  That seemed serendipitous, as I am starting a new major project right now.  The only time I have ever blogged was during a big RV trip around North America we took as a family six years ago.  Therefore, I’ll start adding posts to a new “Project Blog” category on this website, and try to keep up with it.  This will be the inaugural post.

Let’s see how long this lasts.

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